Low Light Tactics

Private and Group Classes Available


“A large percentage of Criminal Attacks occur at night, or in reduced light conditions.”  This course is designed for individuals with a good foundation of safety and marksmanship skills, that would like to improve their gun handling and Defensive Shooting skills in a Low-Light Training environment.  Four (4) hours of range instruction will cover the safe use of a Defensive Firearm and Tactical Flashlight during reduced light and evening training scenarios. Low-Light Tactics can be scheduled privately to meet your demanding schedule. Two-person Minimum, discounts available for groups of four (4) or more. Contact us to schedule your Low-Light Course.

Low-Light Defensive Firearms Class: $175.00 PAY HERE

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of tactical illumination
  • Target isolation and weapons identification
  • Low-light shooting and flashlight manipulation
  • Dominating with light – Light as a force option
  • Ambidextrous and one-handed shooting
  • alternative shooting positions
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Required equipment:

  • ear protection and clear eye protection
  • appropriate Defensive Handgun
  • Tritium Night Sights are strongly recommended
  • quality strong side holster
  • minimum of two magazines or speed loaders
  • sturdy gun belt and magazine or dump pouch
  • Surefire or comparable white-light flashlight
  • 150 rounds of factory or quality reloaded ammunition
  • belt holster or clip for your flashlight
  • extra flashlight and extra batteries

Prerequisite for this course:

You must have completed a State issued Conceal Carry permit course, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Law Enforcement/U.S. Military certification in Pistol, IDPA Sharpshooter or higher classification or other acceptable training subject to approval of the Instructor.

PRIVATE (individual and group) classes may be scheduled during the week or on weekends. Please contact us for scheduling and availability.

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