CCW Tactics Class

Concealed Carry Tactics Class
Now that you have your CCW Permit, it’s time to learn some real-world CCW tactics for Self-Defense on the street. Our Civilian CCW Tactics Class is three (3) hours of hands-on, Self-Defense training specifically designed for individuals that legally carry a concealed firearm. If you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, this class is for you! Instruction includes tactics, techniques, and situational evolutions for people who carry a concealed weapon for business or personal protection. Your weapon is holstered, and the assailant initiates a sudden surprise attack at close range, What will you do? Shoot? Don’t Shoot? Before you have time to deploy your firearm, you must be able to initiate reflexive “empty hand” techniques to deal with the immediate threat (e.g., the knife at your throat). You will learn simple and effective physical techniques that deal with a wide array of empty hand and weapon related problems.


  • Drawing from Concealment, Use of Cover and Concealment
  • Close Distance and Tactical Movement
  • Distance and Time-frames
  • Defending Against Realistic Threats and Attacks
  • Impact Weapons
  • Knife Attacks; Knife Threats
  • Handgun Threats and Handgun Attacks

DATE: Private Training By Appointment Only 

**$150.00 Per Person** (Two person minimum)


This course uses inert “Blue” Training guns or guns that have been rendered inert by adding a “YELLOW” 5.11/Blade-Tech Training Barrel.


We require a minimum of two students to schedule a private Concealed Carry Tactics Class. We can make arrangements to accommodate your busy schedule. Pre-payment is required.